The Center for Healing is a sacred space which was created to give families and relatives a place to come to grieve, pray, remember, and honor the spirits of their lost loved ones.

In The Center there is an altar where fami­lies can leave offerings such as sage, flow­ers, prayer bundles, sweet grass and other sacred or personal items.

The walls of The Center are hung with Red Dresses which are an international symbol ofMMIWC2S.


Located in Rapid City in the Racing Mag­pie building, The Center is open Tuesday through Saturday. 

406 5th Street (Next to Railroad Tracks)

Rapid City, SD 


Richynda  Roubideaux

11 years old unsolved case from Rosebud, South Dakota.


“She asked to spend the night with a friend, so I let her and I never let my kids spend the night anywhere,” said Elizabeth. “She didn’t come back by noon, so I asked my oldest daughter to go get her and they couldn’t find her anywhere. So I went walking looking for her and nobody knew where she was.”

When Richynda was found, weeks later, it was too late. She was found murdered.

To this day, no one has been charged with the crime.

healing room pic of richy.jpg